i do it for the

lovers, dreamers

+ coffee drinkers

soCal based lifestyle + branding photographer

rolling with those unashamedly loving loud + dreaming big

i'm yo girl jessica susana. 

a few things before we become friends: i'm an enneagram two. i love Jesus + want to grow each day in knowing Him more. everyday i wake up next to my husband i'm amazed we are finally. freakin. married. i love me a good oat milk latte + if i went into target or homegoods, i'd probably never leave without a mug. or three. 



"jessica is gem inside and out and holds tremendous talent within her! with the touch of her camera, her talents come out. not only does her work speak for itself but she herself is wonderful. she captured moments that we knew we wanted but never voiced to her! she captured moments we didn’t even know we wanted and ended up being perfect. we definitely are super lucky we found her!" 

-alexis + sandy

"where do we

even begin?!"

joining those who

see the value in that everyday lovin +

the brave pursuit of 

those life-changing dreams

"i loveddddd working with Jessica [...] she came over and did a branding shoot with me. she is so good at making everything feel fun and natural. she encouraged movement and good vibes and the result was so fun! her editing is incredible and all the colors of my florals popped so well. i felt like a queen working with her and everyone deserves that!"

- billiann from blooms dunn right

we out here on the gram, fam

jessica susana

soCal based 

lifestyle + branding photographer. lover of natural light + oat milk lattes serving the wildly in-love + passionate dreamers

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