let's get creative  

nobody can do what you do, like you do

i've worked with dreamers + brands like:

arielle estoria

tubby todd co.

zach king studios

xoxo, e shelle


coast city music


blooms dunn right

rachel king x carly jean la

scribble devo/whitney lowe

naomi q

alexis goes west

kristos coffee

womens collective box

tortoise designs

crown & kin


adam griffin photo

i'm in the business of showing the world what you're made of!

a branding sesh? what the heck is that?

being a visual artist, i see there the gap.

think of it as an "instagram vs. reality"

people see your products, your videos, they see your blog post or your photo but

many times they don't know all the value that goes into all you do + everything you are

OR maybe your photos need a little extra warmth + light so they can match all. yo. magic or blooming biz!

     i am the bridge.    

i photograph the products you carefully work hard to create, help you curate + photograph content of you doing what you do BEST that will help your ideal client see what you have to offer to them + even take bts photos on set. it visually invites them on YOUR journey to see your heart + your magic. 

if you have products you want photographed, content to keep your feeds looking brand new, fresh + true-to-you, please fill out the book me form so i can get a customized quote ready for you + your needs! 

*NOTE: if you find yourself on my page during this COVID19 time, please reach out.

i have special pricing available for product photography to still help you create content even with social distancing!*

we out here on the gram, fam

jessica susana

soCal based 

lifestyle + branding photographer. lover of natural light + oat milk lattes serving the wildly in-love + passionate dreamers

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