• jessica susana

branding is like throwing a party

great branding is like planning a party!

you want people to come.

you want it to be amazing!

you have to know what you're planning.

you have to know how to execute your plan!

here are a few important Qs to ask yourself when refining your brand + biz experience to gain + convert your ideal clients:

⋒ what's the occasion of my party?

◗figure out your WHY.

why are you doing this? what is your motivation? your 'why' will sustain you when you feel like you have no motivation left. when your tank is on low. it will sustain you when there are only two people knocking at the door of your party when you expected a thousand. it will keep you satisfied when only two people come to your party knowing all your work was done faithfully for them.

are you working hard + following your dreams to show your kids they can too? are you working towards financial independence + long term security? do you feel called to encourage + empower others with your gift?

you figure out your why + keep this in your back pocket in your wallet so each time you make BIG, scary or wild moves you can remind yourself you're gonna be more than OK.

⋒ who are you inviting?

◗figure out who your ideal audience is.

narrow down who you're pitching to or want to reach out to.

what age group is this? just parents? just moms? a group of DIY dads? boho decor lovers? plant lovers?

speaking to the general public will only get you seen but it may not get you heard. you want to connect with your audience by relating to them. so when you know who you're inviting, they'll not only come but they'll stay a while. they may not always need your service or your product but you want them still there when they DO!

⋒ what are you serving?

◗figure out what your selling.

is it a general experience? it shouldn't be. niche down + don't sell yourself short by settling into doing it all because 'any work is better than no work'. you want to refine your menu, you want to refine your presentation.

how can i make this whole experience seamless, approachable + easy! how can i connect to them with things i already love + do? what are my life staples? do i make coffee every morning? *i do* do i train for triathlons? *i don't but maybe someone who follows you does* maybe you have lots of tattoos or maybe you love singing or maybe you have a heart for teaching?

make a list of things you do in a day or what you enjoy + use these as easy ways to get your audience to connect with you. connect. relate. invite. as you share bits of your life, you'll begin to see what your audience relates to. you'll begin to know your audience better + you'll be able to relate better because of it.

*fun fact: i once posted a pic of me on my phone with a big bag of hot cheetos on my bed + the amount of people that interacted with that post was INSANE!*

pics or it didn't happen: BOOM

⋒ what impression do you want your party to leave on your audience?

◗figure out your brand experience.

determine what you value from each encounter you will have with your audience. determine what you want to spread with your brand experience.

is it kindness? is it joy? do you want them to feel seen + heard? do you want them to leave your party thinking "THIS WAS THE BEST PARTY EVER"? do you want them to feel safe?

think of four keywords you want your biz to live + die by. write them down + make each encounter -- on your IG posts, your stories, your blog posts, your customer service, your calls with them, etc. -- embody all of that goodness.

branding can be scary. it can be daunting. however, those feelings are only there in the beginning when you're unsure of even who you are + what you're trying to do. it doesn't have to be like that. you can debunk + destroy those negative feelings surrounding branding yourself + showing up as your true self!

sit with these questions + answer them honestly. dive in to what exactly it is that you're doing! it may take some time + as you begin, you'll immediately begin refining your answers but that's ok! don't get caught in uncertainty. be encouraged that each answer to these Qs, will bring you more confidence to go out + do what you love. it will allow you to answer each Q with purpose + it will allow you to show up more!

plan your party + have fun!

people are waiting to be invited into your space. people need what you have. they need YOU! you are what will separate your biz from other's biz. it's no competition, it's just about inviting the right people + getting your party ready for when they come!

let me know if this was helpful to you in the comments. is there anything that really popped out at you regarding these Qs + branding yourself? i'd love to know!