• jessica susana

five things to do for a productive day

"hoped off the plane at LAX with a dream in my cardigan!" i'm sure living this crazy life we've alllll found ourselves like miss miley cyrus, arriving with our dream wondering what the heck is next!! you're trying to follow your dreams all the while making sure you don't sink in finances, relationships, business costs, insanity, ice cream pints, netflix binges, just life, etc. -- anyone else out there or nah??

i've had to boss up + learn things i wouldn't know i needed unless i was living this season of creative entrepreneurship [whoa, that's a mouthful!]. i've had to work hard + try my best while giving myself grace for learning + growing. i've been learning that everything i know i can be begins + ends with me. when i walk in the direction God desires for me, what i sow into myself + my dreams day-by-day will grow + bring fruit for my future. in this season, teaching myself how to be productive vs busy has been a GAME CHANGER in allowing me to keep dreaming + maintain some sort of balance [+ sanity if i'm being honest], YA FEEL?

disclaimer: these five things are suggestions + most importantly, it is to help you figure out YOUR style. what works for me may not work for you but it's a good starting point!

in no particular order, these are some things that keep me prepared in a practical way for sowing into good habits, keeping my mindset hopeful + motivated to keep me, my dreams + my business running //

1. to-do lists

i know everyone isn't a list person but writing down + making a visual of what you need to do is always so helpful + keeps your tasks at the forefront of your mind. find your version of this but let your list be visible so it can hold you accountable.

2. have a time schedule

bossing up means managing your time well, because time is money. have a set time for when you will wake up, schedule hour blocks for your tasks, take your lunch away from your workspace + most importantly "clock out."

your business begins with YOU.

you want to give your dreams the best of you + not what's left over.

YES, life gets hectic. all days will not always turn out how you want

[there is grace for those days].

3. mornings are important

you have to give yourself space + time to not only rest well but to begin your days away from hurry + allowing yourself to DO. YOU. whatever it is that sets your mind right in the morning is what you need to prioritize. if that means an earlier night's rest so you have more morning minutes, DO IT. i'm a strong believer that what you do in your morning time has the power to shift your day + your perspective. i've noticed many of my good days begin with a worship playlist, cafecito, light stretching + making sure my bed is made!

4. have your playlist ready + cafecito in hand

whether i indulge at home or in a coffee shop, i love to have my curated playlist + get my cafecito. it's all about your mindset but it hypes me + gets me right before i dive into my lists!!

5. show up + show OUT

set yourself up for your workday. get dressed [literally] + show up for yourself, for your dream + for all the people your dreams will impact. someone is waiting for what you have + if we are content with [literally + figuratively] sitting on our dreams just hoping it all manifests itself all on it's own, what are we doing anyways? your mindset matters + if you take yourself seriously, so will everyone else! boss up, fam + show OUT!! your dream is closer than you think!

YOU have the power to command your day!

like i mentioned, there is grace for every day + decision because we are far from perfect. however, your mindset matters + when you're chasing your dream it's so crucial to set yourself up for the best day + for the best you!


sometimes getting down to the nitty gritty + asking yourself what works + what doesn't is a great practical way to find what works. take some journal time + answer these questions:

.what are some ways that help you maintain a positive mindset for the day, for your career or ministry?

.what does your morning routine look like now?

.if you have a funky day, at what point did that happen + why?

.do you have a mantra or verse for your day that can encourage you?

i'd looooove to know!! hope these tips gave you some practical help to getting you up + showing up for yourself + your business. it's not easy to run yo stuff but

the better hold you have of it, the less likely you are to let it run you!!