• jessica susana

loving yourself in every season

i was on instagram one day just looking at all the instastories as i happened to come across the beautiful zenna's story. she made a call for someone who wanted to do a collaboration since she needed some new portrait + lifestyle photos for her modeling portfolio. i saw that story + told her "HEY! I do lifestyle photography!"

from that day, we began planning this studio session + zenna shared with me how she wanted to do a body positive aerie inspired session. of course, i was ALL about it from the moment she told me. this session was so special because it allowed me to not only expand my horizons by shooting in a studio, but it was a chance to join in the movement that says all bodies are beautiful + should be included. it was finally shoot day + i came prepared with my beyonce + lizzo playlist + us ladies were ready to ROCK.

this session was so inspiring because it allowed a space for a very vulnerable conversation. the conversation of self-love + body-love. it was an avenue for us to encourage each other in our journey's of loving everything God gave us. probs tmi but loving our waistlines at any amount of inches, our thunder thighs [the one that make us buy new jeans way too often #chubrub], our big boobs or maybe even the double chin that often shows up in our most joyous moments. we are all so different + so unique + if we allow ourselves to compare what we have or don't according to the girl next to us, we will never arrive to loving our bodies.

let me clarify. arriving to love our bodies doesn't mean there is an end goal of being a size two + can look like america's next top 'skinny' model. arriving to love our bodies means appreciating every curve + loving it for all it is powerfully capable of + bravely endures in all the seasons of highs + lows it goes through.

it might be extra tough some times but wherever you find yourself on your body journey, i hope you can take time to appreciate your body. i hope you're brave enough to love every bit of you, even the ones that are in progress. i hope you're bold enough to speak sweet things to yourself + show yourself kindness. just like i encouraged zenna this day, i want to encourage + challenge you today. what about your body might you not love yet? whatever that is, instead of thinking negatively towards it today, look in that mirror + say "hey thighs, you're looking mighty fine today!" or "hey booty, you looking thicc [with two c's] + i Iike it! queen beyonce would be PROUD!"

it may feel silly but our bodies do so much for us already + when we allow ourselves to change our perspective + our mindset towards ourselves, A SHIFT HAPPENS. we suddenly have an extra bounce in our step, we check ourselves out in the mirror with love instead of hate + we hair flip our way through the day. instead of letting uninvited voices tell us about our bodies, we can let our hearts give us value way before our eyes have any chance to say anything about it.

let's not be the last in line to give ourselves love. let's be bold to appreciate our bodies + give grace to our bodies in every season we are in. your body is beautiful no matter the size, the color or the scars, love your body because it literally carries you through your life journey - mountain or valley. HEY MAMA, your body is so powerful, so capable + so lovely.