• jessica susana

new coffee shop alert | verve mateo, los angeles, ca

my husband + i loooove visiting new coffee shops. if you've followed me for a bit now, you know that's our thing! it only takes a non-work day, quick yelp search, crosscheck it with instagram to see what's up + a short drive to the famous arts district. i get super giddy when we find a new shop + as familiar i was with Verve coffee already, this location was completely spankin' brand new!! + of course, that meant we HAD to go. it happened to be the most perfect gloomy day, so much so i blessed to be able to have a hot coffee drink [lol, dramatic i know] but also if you live in mostly-sunny soCal, you also know the blessings of a few gloomy hours.

you walk in + this place is FILLED with a few of my favorite things. it has soooo much natural light coming through windows that hit the ceiling. *heart eyes* not only is it flooded with light, the space is so huge + even has a second floor. when i walked in, it immediately reminded me of one of the Sightglass coffee locations in san francisco [btw, if you know which exact location it is, comment the address below for me]. the colors of this new #vervemateo is like a mauve-y pink + mint green some of my faves!! the colors were so mute + it was just beautiful. of course, all the hipsters heard of this spot already so it didn't seem like we'd easily find a seat.

after grounding myself again after the all the beauty that is the new verve, we order our drinks. this may be on a quiz later but my normal order is an oat milk latte, no flavor or sweeteners for me please!! + my husband gets his usual, the pour over. since this place is GINORMOUS, they give out table markers. we walk around + find ourselves heading upstairs to find a place to plop for our coffee date which because of it's industrial + brick building surrounds served up HELLA new york vibes. we sit + our drinks come to us in some v cute clay mugs + cupware + my *heart eyes* brightened again. it was definitely still busy but my cup of cafecito slowed me down + had the best + cutest date with my boo.

if you find yourself in los angeles, head to Verve on mateo street to get your cup of joe. there are multiple verve locations but if you're looking for a bright coffee space head to this one!

here is the address for ya #xCOFFEEdrinkers:

500 Mateo St Unit 102, Los Angeles, CA 90013

*there is free 30 minute valet parking otherwise in true LA fashion, there is also free street parking if you're up for the search!